A gift from the heart

What do woman want is a question that men have been asking themselves for centuries now and even those that think they know the answer to that question sadly don’t have a clue so I am going to enlighten the male species because if I were a guy I would want someone to enlighten me so here goes:

Although woman may appreciate expansive jewellery and red roses from time to time ask any woman and she will tell you that the best gift she has ever received was a gift from the heart – something that took a little time and effort – a poem, a song, a sketch that you drew of her, a mix CD of her favourite songs, etc.

All a woman wants from her husband/significant other is to know that she is the centre of his universe and if you can make your wife/significant other feel as though she is the is the centre of your universe then she would walk through the gates of Hell for you without bating an eyelash.


One response to “A gift from the heart

  1. You are wise beyond your years, and truly this is the greatest gift of all 🙂 The gift that touches the depths of the soul, core of the heart & forever remembered with the mind. These are the gifts that are reflected upon in true love’s absence that bring the endless smiles, joy & happiness! XO

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