A thousand moments of kindness

Life is not the amount of breaths you take; it’s the moments that take your breath away.”Alex Hitchins (aka Hitch).  How many moments have taken your breath away today?

Today morning I wake up and went about my day as usual – ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and changed my clothes – then I emailed Brian’s mom Lisa just to see how she was doing – I wasn’t entirely sure how she would react and while I was typing the email I didn’t much care either all I knew was that she had lost her son less than a month ago and that she was probably feeling lost and lonely. A few hours later, Lisa sent me a reply – I won’t share the entire email – but five words in that email “Nisha! You made my day” took my breath away.

Lisa taught me that a great life is made up of a thousand moments of kindness so every time you open your mouth or type something on your keyboard keep in mind that you could potentially make someone’s day.


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