Recorded for posterity

When I started writing this blog I promised myself that I wouldn’t use it to comment on the lives of celebrities because I know that in spite of all our differences there is a deeper yearning in every human being to live a happy and fulfilled life but day before yesterday when I was watching the evening news and the story of Paris Hilton’s arrest received more attention than the FLOOD in Pakistan I was LIVID and knew that I had to give you my two cents worth on this hot topic.  

I’ve never met Paris Hilton so I will refrain from making comments on her character however I will say that all of us as human beings have done thing that we wish we hadn’t – I know I have – and keep in mind that Paris didn’t grow-up like most of us did and for that reason she probably has a sense of entitlement – all of us have been guilty of feeling entitled at some point in our lives – but I don’t think that Paris realizes that with a platform such as she as she has comes a greater responsibly to live her life with  dignity and grace because if she did I don’t think she would be making the kind of choices that she is making right now.       

Although I am neither an heiress nor a star of reality TV I feel a great sense of empathy for Paris because when I make a mistake – which I do on a daily basis – I can just learn from it and move on but when Paris makes a mistake – and she has made some reprehensible ones –   it is splashed all over the media and recorded for posterity so all I’m for is that you see her – not as an heiress of the heiress of the Hilton Empire or as a star of a reality TV show –   but rather as a fellow human being who has made a series of bad choices in her twenty-nine-year life.


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