Justice, mercy and grace

Justice, mercy and grace are words that we hear on a daily basis but does anybody know what those words really mean. I’ve always thought of justice as something that happens in a courtroom, mercy as something that happens in a hospital and grace as something that happens in a church and as it turns out I was wrong – DEAD wrong.  

I’ve heard many sermons over the course of my life – all of which had taught me something about myself about myself – but there was one sermon in particular that I will carry with me from the rest of my life. The sermon was entitled   Justice, mercy and grace and was administered by Joyce – who was the guest minister at our church that Sunday –   and in it she said, “Justice is when you get what you deserve, mercy is when you don’t get what you deserve and grace is when you get what you don’t deserve”.

Carrying the spirit of the sermon forward I would like to ask you to punish those who’ve wronged you justly, forgive those who’ve wronged you mercifully and forget all the sins committed against you graciously because they will come a day when you will want someone else to do that for you and I believe you cannot get what you are unwilling to give.


2 responses to “Justice, mercy and grace

  1. Dear Nisha, you are a true insipiration!
    I particularly love and treasure the words which came to you about your purpose in life:
    “To show the world that anybody can make a difference and change the world”.
    So true and so important.
    Thank you for going ahead and showing this to be true, and for having the courage to share your story so openly.
    Love and blessings,

  2. The message is so accurate.. true and inspiring =) Thank You for sharing…
    Love & Blessings


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