Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great in service” — Martin Luther King, Jr. Young girls today say “I want to be like Paris Hilton” and although there is nothing wrong with that however, I do believe that having money and a reality  show doesn’t necessarily make someone great and it also doesn’t mean that they aren’t either.

Who is great? A person who does something nice for someone else when they do have to is great, anyone who takes the time to fix a problem that isn’t theirs is great and anyone who smiles at you when your aimlessly walking down the street is great because greatness is simply the awareness that you have the power to change someone’s life by virtue of a simple gesture or by the utterance of a couple of words that are spoken from the heart.

The journey to anybody’s greatness begins with knowing that you have the power to change the world and having the courage to take the first step.


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