You are a piece of art made by God

Who do you want be? The answer to that question will be different depending on who you ask – some people want to be lawyers, some people want to doctors while others just want be anybody, but who they are.

People spend thousands of dollars and max out their credit cards all to buy the ridiculously expensive bag that their favourite celebrity was seen carrying – which by the way designers give them for free to con people like you and me into buying the bag – and the saddest part is that most people buy the bag just to have some kind of connection to their favourite celebrity – whoever it may be. People say “I want to be Bayonce” and although I did want Oprah at one point in my life I quickly came to realize that Oprah’s life was already taken – by Oprah herself.

The trouble with wanting to be someone else is that while you’re over there trying to Bayonce or whoever your favourite celebrity is you’re missing out on the gift that is you and that to be is travesty because I know that there will never be another you in the history of humanity – there might be someone with the same first and last name as you but, you are a piece of art made by God so stop trying to be someone else and just be yourself.


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