Don’t Just Stare: Educate yourself

Humans are naturally curious creatures and it is that curiosity that has led us to the greatest scientific discoveries and has even enabled man to step on the moon but, some forms of curiosity can be considered very rude and deeply hurtful.

Being disabled has been both a blessing and a  curse at different stages of my life but, had I not been disabled I wouldn’t have the unique perspective that I have today – people tend to define other people by their labels – doctor, lawyer, teacher, mother, wife – but when I look at someone I try to see all of who they are and see him/her as a human being as opposed to just seeing their label because I know what it feels like when someone takes one look at you and decides right then and there what you can and cannot do – it is incredibly demoralizing and not to mention  condescending – and I just refuse to do that to another human being.

Next time you encounter someone that is a little different from you and you feel like staring I encourage you to go up to that person, introduce yourself and ask them to tell you about their disability/affliction because I believe at the end of the day the eradication of stigma – and sometimes fear – can only be attained through education.


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