Never Give Up: Turn a deaf ear to all those who tell you that you can’t

What is the difference between a winner and a loser? I never really gave much thought to what the answer to that question would be until one evening when I watching this South African lifestyle show called Top Billing where a South African soap opera actor – I forgot what his name was –   was quoted as saying “a winner is just loser who doesn’t quit” and when I heard that the hairs on the back of my head literally stood up.

As you know from my first post  Who I am I attempted to raise $1 000 for UNICEF and although I would exactly say I failed – having raised $5 – I will say that I didn’t raise as much money as I expected to and looking back on it I realize that I gave up the moment my father said “no one is going to donate” so essentially I chose to believe in what my father said about me rather than believe in myself.

On March 5th 2010 I started  Clean Water for All Campaign – it’s primary aim is  to raise $4 500 for The Water Project, Inc and thereby  provide clean and sustainable water for the people who live in the rural areas of Africa and India. I believe that this time I will succeed in achieve my goal not because my father had suddenly become supportive of my philanthropic efforts – he in fact repeated what he said the “no one is going to donate” – but because this time I chose to turn a deaf ear to his negativity and continued doing what I felt was right thing to do and I’m happy to say that my campaign has raised $2 027 for The Water Project, Inc. 

Click on the link below to make a donation – campaign ends on the 5th March 2011.


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